10 Hot Tips for Selling More in your Jewelry Store

03 Feb 10 Hot Tips for Selling More in your Jewelry Store

Few sales are as emotional as buying a diamond. As the owner or manager of a jewelry retail store, you can appreciate that there’s more to selling a piece of jewelry than rattling off a string of facts. But what if there were some simple, specific ways to increase your sales exponentially?

Look no further. We’ve already gathered 10 top sales tips from jewelry industry experts and business owners just like you. Read on for some great ideas to implement in your store and several pointers your sales team should definitely keep in mind.

1. Don’t get caught up in the details

In today’s jewelry industry, the Internet has changed how customers buy. Once upon a time sales associates relied on the Cs of jewelry—color, clarity, cut, and caret—to make sales. Today customers looking for numbers alone usually buy online. People that walk into a store are looking for a different buying experience, so make sure your team is focusing their sales on the beauty and romance of the jewelry rather than technical details alone. If that’s all the customer wanted, they would have bought online already.


2. Make your store a warm destination

Customers are looking for a place where they feel truly taken care of to make this purchase. Nothing helps create this atmosphere like warm, friendly sales associates. Instruct your sales team to always smile and acknowledge the emotional nature of the merchandise. More than anything, your sales reps will appear inviting by welcoming customers when they arrive and thanking them when they leave. Rest assured this alone will make an impression.


3. Learn what the customer’s looking for

Every person who walks into your store is there for a specific reason. Are they shopping for an anniversary gift? An engagement ring? A birthday present for Mom? Your sales team should be asking meaningful questions to find out exactly what the customer wants and what kind of person they’re shopping for. Every now and then they’ll run into customers who have no idea what they’re looking for, but more often than not the customer should be the one guiding the sale.


4. Make a personal connection

As your reps are learning the customer’s needs, this is a great opportunity to make personal connections. In jewelry sales especially, how customers feel about your sales representatives matters far more than how many precious stone facts they can rattle off the top of their heads. Your reps need to be establishing relationships with your customers as quickly and authentically as possible, usually by asking questions and offering personal details of their own.


5. Create a unique brand

There are plenty of places a customer can go to buy jewelry, but they’ve walked into your store. Now is your chance to set yourself apart from the competition by making your brick and mortar location a unique place with an exceptional experience in every way. Offer your customers mints or free bottled water. Hire an exceptional sales team with their own jewelry-buying experiences to share. Even an emphasis on professional integrity and price-matching transparency can set your store apart from the sea of jewelry retailers. Whatever you have to do to make customers remember your store, do it.


6. Take advantage of marketing opportunities

One thing many jewelry stores aren’t doing is seeking out small, smart opportunities to get noticed. If your business has won any awards or if you’re selling a brand with special features or accolades, let people know. Post information on your website, store windows, or your local paper. Another great method is to team up with other businesses and refer your customers to each other. Just get your store’s name out there. If a new, exciting jewelry line just came out, make sure everyone knows that your store has it.


7. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing

Jewelry is a unique sales area where the merchandise is small enough that customers can actually wear it in the store. Train your reps to allow customers to try on pieces and hold onto them for as long as they want. They can make a sales pitch and ask questions, but sometimes the physical experience of wearing a piece of jewelry is all a customer needs. Let the jewelry sell itself.


8. If all else fails, rely on turnover

This is a great piece of advice for your salespeople. Before they let anyone walk out of the store without buying, always introduce customers to an associate. The second employee might have a new angle on the sale or make a different kind of personal connection. This also gives the original rep time to pop into the back to fetch a new piece while the customer is preoccupied. No matter what, customers should always speak to at least two people before leaving your store.


9. Raise your counters

This is a very basic change that could make a huge difference in your store. Try to raise your displays above belly-button level (usually about 42 inches) to give your customers an easy browsing experience. No one wants to bend in half to look at anything, so make your products easy to see and study. If something is particularly new or special, don’t be afraid to put it right at eye level.


10. Offer customers financial options

A great way to increase sales and your potential pool of customers is to start a no-credit financing program for your business. This allows even customers without credit or even savings to make progressive payments or lease to own a piece of jewelry. Advertising to customers that you have options will draw more clientele to your store and communicate that you’re willing to work with people. And offering financial options doesn’t require any up-front costs either.


Even if you you’re not a jewelry retailer, there are plenty of thoughts to take away here. Raising counters, focusing sales around customer needs, and selling benefits instead of features are things every retailer needs in their store. At the end of the day, you want your customers to feel like real people when you’re selling to them. Let them know that you understand and acknowledge this concept and your small business is sure to flourish.

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