How To Market Furniture For Valentine’s Day

07 Feb How To Market Furniture For Valentine’s Day

If you build it, they will come . . . unless someone else builds it and markets it better than you do. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, all your building had better already be done. It’s not yet too late to get them in the door, but you also have no time to lose on strategies that won’t work.

Things like greeting cards are easy to sell this time of year when people are desperate to find ways to express their emotions. Jewelry and last-minute vacation plans are also easy to move. But if you are a furniture store, you’ve got to get a lot more creative. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of the Valentine’s Day shopping season.

Make It an Impulse Buy

Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on people. On the day of, men (it’s always men) will be roaming the stores like desperate zombies, searching for the last box of candy bundled with a teddy bear. Except for those vacation getaways, we tend not to do much planning for Valentine’s Day.

Furniture is usually something you plan, but a Valentine’s Day sale can go a long way towards goosing those plans just a bit. There will be a certain amount of foot traffic in your store since it’s a holiday, and people are always keeping an eye out for good deals. You’ve got the traffic and the product, now you just need a little something more to help you close a few more of those sales.

When it comes to big-ticket items like furniture, money is always an object. People can impulse buy a box of candy because it is $20. They don’t impulse buy a $2,000 piece of furniture because . . . well it’s $2,000. If you can make that $2,000 go away, you just might get the sale. Great holiday deals and good financing options can both help your customer go from thinking about it to arranging for delivery. As a furniture store, your biggest barrier will always be cost, but the more creative you can be about lowering up-front prices and increasing urgency, the more frequently customer impulse will convert into sales.


Utilize Emotional Merchandising

There’s a reason furniture stores stage their displays. You want your customers to feel like they’re seeing the furniture in a natural home environment and think about how the products would fit into their own home. This is not just a chair. It’s a way to bring that dead, unused corner to life.

So bring the spirit of the holiday into your store’s staging. Valentine’s Day isn’t about having enough seating for parties; it’s about feeling more intimate with the one you love the most. Instead of marketing your biggest sectionals, focus on elegant dining furniture, muted lighting, and beautiful accent ottomans this weekend. Busy couples often feel guilty for spending so much time apart, so show them settings that offer an answer to their deepest emotional needs.


Don’t Forget the Accessories

Furnishing a home is not all about those $2,000 pieces that have to be planned, discounted, and financed. Your furniture store has a lot to offer lovebirds with an eye out for a good deal. A new couch is nice, but a new five-headed brass lamp could make the couch they already have feel like a brand new couch. Small, less-expensive touches like lighting, coffee tables, and accessories can do more for the mood of a room than large furniture pieces.

The bedroom is also a great place to accessorize, so if they don’t need a new bed, sell them a canopy. It’s amazing what the right chair or a free-standing mirror can do for a bedroom, so be sure your sales team is pouring just as much energy into the small sales as the large ones.

Valentine’s Day is never going to get the same uptick as the winter holiday season, but it can do a lot more for you than you think. Convert those customer impulses into buys by offering more payment options, appealing to their emotional needs, and remembering the accessories. Home is where the heart is, so help your customers furnish it accordingly.

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