15 Sep Crest Financial Launches Updated Website

Crest Financial announced today the release of their updated website to provide retailers and consumers a more customized, interactive, and user-friendly experience. The website, http://www.CrestFinancial.com, is now live and ready for use.

The new website has a modern feel while providing a customized experience to each user group; retailers, customers, and employees each have separate pages with information tailored to their needs. On the website, Crest Financial is premiering three new videos for potential retailers, customers and employees.

“This updated website has a clean, streamlined feel while still being extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. We think these improvements will create a more simple and efficient experience for our users,” said Clint Cowley, Crest Financial’s Chief Operating Officer.

The new CrestFinancial.com includes the following site enhancements:

  •     Improved structure and navigation
  •     Customized experience for each user
  •     More interactive experience for users
  •     A new page exclusively for employees
  •     Three new informative videos about Crest Financial
  •     Updated live support feature
  •     Extensive information about Crest Financial’s procedures
  •     Interactive biographies
  •     Retailer training schedule feature
  •     Easier sign-up process for new retailers & customers
  •     Updated branding and marketing materials
  •     New search bar feature

Crest Financial, with its corporate office located in Utah, is an innovative provider of financing and marketing solutions for retailers nationwide. Crest Financial is an industry leader in “No Credit Needed” financing. Since opening in 2005, Crest Financial has helped finance thousands of satisfied customers. For more information call 855-28-CREST or visit http://www.CrestFinancial.com.

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