7 Simple Personality Traits Every Sales Person Should Have

05 Apr 7 Simple Personality Traits Every Sales Person Should Have

The situation is clear: until you get another sales rep, you’re going to have to do the job yourself. Spending all day on the sales floor means you won’t get any of the office work done, but there are 14 applications already sitting on your desk. You’re certainly not the first to be in this situation, but don’t let your desperation to hire someone right now get the best of you.

As you’re hiring new salespeople, make sure they have these seven personality traits:

1. Teachable

One of the most important traits you need in a new hire is being teachable. You don’t have time to find the perfect candidate because frankly the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. What you can find is clay you can mold. It is less about how much they already know and more about how much they can learn in a short amount of time.

They have to learn a great deal about your inventory, sales process, and financing options. They will need to be able to explain the differences between financing that does not require a credit check and other more traditional options. They need to learn how to educate the customer on the pros and cons of every option so all sales end with a happy, well-informed customer. There is a lot to learn, but if you can find a highly teachable person you will have most of what you need.

2. Self-Motivated

Some people are like robots: they won’t do anything unless you tell them to do it and provide explicit instructions for getting it done. These are the same people that cannot seem to get up in the morning unless there is someone there to make them do it. Make sure you don’t get that person.

3. Adaptable

There are people who are just fine as long as all their ducks line up in a predictable row. But the moment something unexpected happens, they are lost and confused. Retail never works out exactly the way you plan. Sometimes you need to stay a little later, come in a little earlier, or swap shifts with someone else. Nothing is guaranteed. You need someone who can easily adapt to the constant changes of the industry.

4. Compartmental

Things happen throughout the course of a day that affect us emotionally. Someone who cannot compartmentalize will allow those things to affect their performance. It is a special skill to be able to place things in a separate mental box so they do not get in the way of what has to be done. As they say in show business, the show must go on.

5. Communication

One of the most important skills a retail associate can have is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively to people from all walks of life. Everyone is nervous in an interview. But if they cannot overcome those nerves to speak clearly and articulately, it is a good indication that they will not be able to do so on the showroom floor.

6. Fashionable

Not everyone has a strong fashion sense, but a formalized dress code will only take you so far. Your customers are human, and humans judge appearance. This is far more important in a retail setting than it is in an office cube farm, so find salespeople who can present themselves well. Also keep in mind that fashion goes beyond clothing choices; it’s also about hair, nails, and posture.

7. Infectious Joy

Some people are miserable and have a way of making everyone else around them miserable. They are infectious, but in the wrong way. Other people are always happy and make other people around them happy. It is better to have one of these people who might have a lot to learn, than the competent person who drains the room of joy. Joy beats competence every time because customers can forgive mistakes when they like you.

There is no such thing as the perfect person for the job. But if you find candidates with these seven traits, chances are these people will do great at your company.


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