5 Reasons why you shouldn’t skip family dinner

08 Nov 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t skip family dinner

How often do you take time out of your day to enjoy a nice, relaxing meal around the kitchen table? Life can get pretty hectic, and it’s not always convenient to take a break for family dinner. In fact, table dinners have been on a steady decline (over 30%) the last two decades. Fast food, busy schedules and a number of other hurdles always seem to get in the way of table dinners–but don’t count them out quite yet. Family dinners are proven to be beneficial for an impressive amount of reasons. So dust off your cookbook and make that casserole you’ve always loved; here are 5 great reasons why, sometimes, spending the night in is the better option.

Better food, better report card

Studies have shown that children who skip out on family dinner tend to do worse in school. As busy as your evening can get, spending even 15 minutes around the dinner table has been proven to be a good source of mental nourishment. Family dinner gives parents and children time to talk about school and other activities. This gives kids the opportunity to express how they’re doing, and allows parents to gauge performance and offer help, if necessary.  Another educational benefit of family dinner includes helping young children strengthen vocabulary and develop important communication skills.  So bring the family together and enjoy a good meal.  It improves the mood and the mind.

Healthy meals for healthy kids

Choosing between a family dinner around the table and a fun night eating out can be a hard choice. But as tempting as eating at your favorite burger joint may be, it’s significantly healthier to have a home-cooked meal. Eating out should remain an infrequent activity. Having a set time for dinner around the table creates a schedule that the body can depend on. Meals at the table also create a warm and welcoming environment that has been proven to be beneficial to mental health. Parents who have family dinner with their children are more in tune with their kids’ emotions and stress levels, allowing them to intervene before any problem becomes too serious.

A Much Needed Break

Everyone needs a break.  Even if you don’t physically feel like it, your mind gets fried after a long and grueling day at work. Sharing a relaxing meal around the table with loved ones is the perfect remedy.  Whether you’re a quiet family or one that shouts movie quotes at the top of your lungs, family dinner can be good therapy for your frazzled nerves. Talking about your day, laughing with each other, even just sitting in silence surrounded by your loved ones helps uncoil built up stress and allows you some room to breathe. If you notice your busy schedule has kept you on edge lately, you may want to give your life a break and enjoy a dinner at the kitchen table.

Better Social Life for Teens

Eating at the table isn’t just good for mental and physical health, but also has an extremely positive effect on children’s social lives. Having consistent family dinners helps lower teens’ chances of drug and alcohol use. According to one CASA report, having more than 3 family dinners per week greatly decreases teens’ chances of abusing prescription drugs and illegal drug and alcohol use. While this certainly isn’t a foolproof plan to protect your family from the dangers of drug and alcohol use, it’s definitely a simple and easy way to help safeguard your loved ones.

Save some money

According to a 2013 report done by Forbes, individuals spend nearly $1,000 eating out every year. 3 years later and the amount has only increased.  If you have a family of 4, that amount quickly adds up to way too much. While many fresh foods and ingredients can initially appear more expensive than eating out, carefully shopping deals and discounts will end up saving you money in the long run. Though it may seem trivial at first, all those savings will add up.  Just think of all the things you can put that extra money towards!

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