11 Ways to Refresh Your Home Office

14 Mar 11 Ways to Refresh Your Home Office

It might be the most productive room of your house, but if you’re like most people, your home office isn’t easy on the eyes either. This is the place where all the paper in your home converges, exploding into piles of chaos that you couldn’t spruce up even if you tried. But have you really tried?

If getting your home workspace back in whack is one of your goals, what better time to start than now? To help you dive in—perhaps literally—here are 11 handy tips on freshening up that home office from a blast zone to a productivity haven:

  1. Get rid of all that paper. Most home offices are bursting with it, so do what you must to nix that paper mess. Scan your documents and toss anything you don’t need. Then take whatever’s left and organize it neatly and preferably out of sight. Filing cabinets are your friend.
  2. Start with what you have. As tempting as it is to rush to the nearest store, first take stock of what you have. Sort through your office décor. Box up the things you don’t like. Rearrange the furniture. Repurpose furniture pieces like chests, shelves, or a dresser from another part of the house. You’ll be amazed how different the office will look already.
  3. Organize, organize, organize. Cluttered office spaces are always more overwhelming than refreshing, so make your office orderly. Pack away whatever you can in chic baskets and boxes. Put organizers in your drawers. The easier it is to find things, the more useful your office will be.
  4. Add new storage options. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but investing in some low-cost storage solutions will be well worth your time. New cabinets, wall-mounted storage, or a simple shelf will do wonders to get you organized.
  5. Change the color of the room. How do you want to feel when you work in your office? Energized? Calm? Inspired? Pick a color palate that feels the way you want and use it throughout with fun desk décor, pictures, or a fresh coat of paint. Get creative.
  6. Add plants. Houseplants have been proven to reduce stress and significantly improve both air quality and concentration. So add something green in there. It can be a simple succulent, an elegant orchid, or even a fichus tree. Pick what you like and what you can realistically keep alive.
  7. Add textiles. Homey fabrics can transform an office from utilitarian to inviting. Add details like area rugs, window treatments, or a nice chair cushion to bring color and warmth to the space. Fun patterns can also spice things up, but don’t go too crazy with the polka dots and stripes.
  8. Try decorative accents. Personal details will freshen your space right up, so don’t be afraid to decorate. Pick out a great lamp or a beautiful paperweight. Framed pictures or a bulletin board for notes are good too. You’re only limited by your own imagination.
  9. Hide your cords. Cords are the bane of the modern office space. Keep yours from taking over by untangling them and grouping them with zip ties. Take every opportunity possible to hide them from view by tucking them behind potted plants or taping them under the desk.
  10. Hang a mirror. Mirrors are one of the most refreshing details you can put in a room since they reflect light and make a room feel both brighter and bigger. Maybe you’ve never considered a mirror in your office, but now would be a great time to add one.
  11. Make a plan to ward off messes. Keeping your office organized is something you have to do deliberately. Decide now if you’re going to spruce up daily, weekly, or monthly. Make room for new paper now and get in the habit of throwing away documents as soon as you’re finished using them. Staying tidy in the office is a habit more than anything else, but it is possible.

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